Robotic arm tank Challenge: high obstacle


We create robots that sometimes move around but, what happend when those robots find an obstacle?

If the obstacle is small the robot can pass over it, with a tracked robot is not very difficult, unless the obstacle is higher than the top of the tracks. Then usually the robot can't overcome the obstacle... until now.

With this solution (it's not new but it is with this robot), you can see the the robot that overcomes an obstacle that is twice the high of its tracks. How? Using leverage.

Behind the arm there are two bars and at the end two free wheels (not powered), in order to leverage the robot. It's better to see it in the video attached.

Here you have a gerenal view of the solution I made:



Here is a detail of the solution:



Here the wheels:



And here the connection of the bars to the arm of the robot:



Please note:

So, what do you think about this solution.

I'm planning already new experiments with this robot. Any suggestions or questions are welcome. Thanks!

Have you tried it on stairs?
Have you tried it on stairs?