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I have a robot kit that I use for work that’s more than 2 decades old and uses an absolute brick as a controller. I’m looking to upgrade the controller (the hardware is still supported and works fine) and Roboteq seems like it has cost effective and simple controllers that would do the trick. I’ve been reading their documentation but I can’t seem to find any library reference documentation i.e. how do I know which variables to call such as _MGD or _DI etc… I can’t seem to find any reference WRT roboteq libraries anywhere. All I can find is the scripting reference which is only half of what I require. Am I missing something?!


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Hi @Dr_Odd and welcome to our forum.

You have an interesting project.

Can you tell us which RoboteQ controller exactly you are looking at?

Thank you.

Hi there,

Yes, it’s the SDC2160 with 2 axis support. Thanks!



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Hi @Dr_Odd!

Thank you for your reply.

So it seems that it is this product:

Documentation is here:
There is a lot of inside the User Manual there.

One question: How do you plan to communicate with this controller? RC , analog joystick, wireless modem, PC (via RS232 or USB) or microcontroller?

It’s a raster robot that spins 360 degrees ad then rasters down a rail a certain distance, and rotates the opposite direction 360 degrees and so on and so forth, so we generally run it through a program, but sometimes we need to manually adjust the position with a joystick. So our current motor controller connects to our PC as well as a joystick. We can’t use the joystick while the program is running, and that’s fine for us. We’ll connect the new controller to the PC via USB.

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Hi @Dr_Odd !

Thank you for your reply.

In this case, please write to RoboteQ support and they can send you an example script for this: Helpdesk

You can also post on their forum and they will give you support: Index - Roboteq Online Forum