Robot toy for my 8 year old

I want to buy a robot toy for my 8 year old. He’s quite advanced so I’m looking for something that will engage him and not something he’d get bored with quickly. Was looking at a few different products

  • WowWee MIP
  • WowWee Robosapien
  • Sphero Star Wars

He’s not into Star Wars so the connection with the brand for the Sphero doesn’t really matter. Also, saw the the MIP comes in a codeable version but the review are quite average. Any recommendations or thoughts on what direction I should take. Budget isn’t an issue. Thanks.



Hey Nick,

Awesome of you to get him started in robotics at such an early age!

Have you considered a robotic arm? It’s something that he could play with at this young age for a while, but also something that he could program at a more advanced level as he learns/progresses. Just a thought.


Nick (also).

Hi Nick,

The Sphero lineup is a lot of fun and are proven products.
Sphero SPRK+ Bluetooth Smartphone Robotic Ball
Sphero 2.0 Bluetooth Smartphone Controlled Robotic Ball


Hello Nick, how about try our product out. It’s a second generation robot. will be just fit for your kids.

Hello, nick! My son is also 8 years old, and we love robots and dinosaurs! Every month we buy one robot and review it, we have made the rating of #1 robots for kids in the world (for home-use only and not much expensive) - feel free to look - we have tested about 25 models and have chosen about 15 best ones.

If you want my rating here is:

  1. Anki Cozmo or BB-8 by Sphero
  2. Wonder Workshop Dash
  3. WowWee Robosapien X
  4. WowWee - MiP the Toy Robot
  5. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox (but I will recommend for 10+ years old)
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Nick, hello! My son, 9, had many different simple and cheap robots. Recently, we gave him a robot Anka. He is already playing for 4 months. Satisfied. A bit expensive. But it’s worth it…

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I think the main problem is that a lot of people think that $500 is a lot to pay to educate kids about robotics, because they might not like it, and thus it’s “an expensive wasted toy.”
Presumably the kit can be bought on eBay, though, and perhaps re-sold again if needed.
The other problem is that most parents probably can’t help if the kids get stuck, because most parents aren’t roboticists.
In that way, it’s easier to get the kids hooked on football or something …

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Give a try to Otto DIY, is a very affordable 3D printable biped robot, arduino compatible that have great community for constant learning and improvements

Getting your kid into robots at an early age is the way to go as we’re in the realm of computers, however, My 6 year old is into robotic toys as well, I got him the Boxer Interactive A.I robot toy, It is the favorite toy of my little one up till now, The toy can be unlocked to various modes from the mobile app (ios or android), also it reacts to physical movements as it has gesture sensors in it. You cant go wrong with this one. Also if you’re looking into various options then head over to for a brief review on some of the best robot toys that are in the market currently, this helped me make my decision. It will work out for you as well. Good luck.