Robot Teaches Itself How To Walk

Very interesting work of making a robot learn about itself using gyro feedback and programming in rules based around this.

Looks like it would be a quicker way to program robots to do complex tasks perhaps...

it is the most interesting

it is the most interesting robotic vido I ever seen.

do you have any other info about it?

thanks a lot.

It is rather interesting!

I completely agree, fascinating video and concept. I don’t have any more information on the project unfortunatley, just came across it on youtube when searching robotic projects.

It’s interesting the method that the robot has ‘learnt’ for moving around. Would be interesting also if they took it another step further and let it find the most efficient way of moving…

There was a TED talk, where

There was a TED talk, where they did show this robot among other stuff:

Very interesting thank you

Very interesting thank you to share

Wow. What a clever way of

Wow. What a clever way of looking at things.

Almost bordering on being the most reasonable way of developing an AI? as in, looking at inputs in relation to outputs, and trying to make sense of what it is recieving.

Its gait may not be evil robot, but its certainly kind of starfish?..