Robot tank tracks

I thought I'd post some info about tank tracks that I've come across. Please feel free to add to it.


Tamiya Track Kit


Solarbotic/Pololu Tank Treads and Cogs Treads and Pullies


Boe-Bot Tank Treads

Lynxmotion Track System

VEX Tank Track Kit

Links to DIY websites: 28 Jun 2008: DIY tank tread article

Don’t forget about lego tank

Don’t forget about lego tank tracks!


If you don’t mind a little hacking…


RC tanks at Hobbytron start around $13. You can find similar deals at your local discount store sometimes.

A couple of rubber tracks

I think it would be great if you update this thread to show approximate prices of each (minus shipping).

TETRIX Tank Tread Kit

PITSCO has this kind of track too. an Indian webshop.



the robot on the picture Is not mine.. but these tracks are too cool not to share.. See this robot:

Continous tracks

Does anyone one know of a supplier (ideally in the uk) of contious track belts, or timing belts with grousers on that could be used for a robot? I need them to be quite long, the wheels will be spaced about 40cm apart.

Not sure if this is what you are after…

but has loads of tracks, inlcuding solarbotics individually sold tread links so you can make them as long as you want. They also sell the cogs and idle wheels.

Rad robot
Im getting a lot of miles out of an old rad robot base. Have not updated that project in a while on lmr but love the set up on the base. It’s tough and the tracks do not come off at random at all. The gears and motors are all origanal. Only down side is its loud!

Thanks, but I need

Thanks, but I need contionous ones, rather than in sections, as the drive wheels will only have a diameter of about 25mm, as the robot needs to be super thin. There is a potential one on that link, thanks, although trying to find them long enough seems to be another issue