Robot Rookie

I am new to everything about this site, pure ambition brought me here. Without trying to sound like a cliche its been a dream of mine to create a functioning robot. I have no prior experience in this field, I do think with practice I'll be able to build the skeletal structure but its the coding that worries me, if any one has any re-assuring advice or steps to take to help me work this out, i would be very apprieciative. As i am very new i will start at the very begining. I plan to make the 'Start here' robot then on to the robot arm.

Thank you for reading


How Fat’s Your Wallet?

I don’t know how much disposable income to work with, but deffinitely check out

You can buy their kit for well under $200.00 and completely program it basically by click & drag. They have a number of routines already on their website to download and run. You can’t get much more plug & play than that. Their controller board has more than enough horsepower to make some pretty sophisticated bots. My $.02, your milage may vary.