Robot Litter III - blue yellow red lighting sequentially


Just received a few days ago the Robot Litter III. After turning it on or after a cycle, the blue yellow red lighting sequentially.

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If the Open Air unit cannot find Dump and/or Home position, the control panel will display 3 lights blinking. If you have recently disassembled your globe please advise.

Please remove the globe and check the black gear connected to the motor. When you press on the black gear with your finger, does it seem loose or free‐spinning? If so, please follow the instructions for tightening the set screw, [HERE](: … r-solution)

When replacing the globe onto the base, make certain that the track around the outside of the globe is properly aligned into the groove on the base.

If the unit is plugged into a power strip, try plugging it directly into a wall. Sometimes the issue is caused by a fluctuating power supply, low voltage, or other power issues. If the globe is filled past the fill line remove litter so the fill line is exposed.

Can we ask the specifications on the adapter for the power supply you are using Correct Spec: 15VDC regulated adapter 400mA to 1,000mA.
[Note: If you are using a power supply with different specifications, the Litter‐Robot may appear to work properly; however, inadequate power can cause the unit to malfunction over time.]

  1. While powered on, unplug the unit from the back of the base.
  2. There is a pin in the jack where the small connector from the power supply is inserted. This pin should be split. Find something small and open it slightly if it is not. 3. Plug in the power supply and let your unit cycle. What happens? A blue solid light means the issue should be resolved.
    If the unit does not return Home, or does not return Home with a solid blue light, please provide details of any lights on or blinking on the control panel.
    *Are the lights blinking all at once or sequentially?
    **If sequentially, please provide the colors in sequence.

If the Litter‐Robot does return Home with a solid blue light, there are no issues with the functionality of the unit at this time.

After troubleshooting for blinking blue light, I replaced the dfi sensor. However, after the replacement, I am getting the blue yellow red sequential blinking. The motor wheel is not loose and I have done all other checks. I even reset the cat sensor. What can be the possible reason for this error? Thanks so much!

Hi Iris25,

The issue could be related to the hall effect sensors or the globe itself.
You may want to check out these blogs:

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks for your message. So I did what what was mentioned in the hall sensor article. Checked magnets etc. Haven’t yet replaced it. The machine works well without any litter or any other weight of the drawer. However, as soon as I added litter, it cycled once but then stopped cycling. Got stuck at solid yellow. I kept pressing reset or cycle or empty button, nothing worked. Now suddenly it’s back to blue yellow red flashing. I also took out the key and internal shield as the manufacturer’s suggestion now. Pls suggest what to do?


Hello Im new here. Litter robot 3 question Im hoping someone can help me. My male cat can pee over the added plastic guard and is making the robot super nasty. It has now damage a wire in the motor housing connected to the hall sensor. Is there away I can get that replaced? .

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Hey @HousePanthers,

This part should fix that:

Here are instructions how to replace that: