Robot control through windows


We have developped an inspection robot with a colleague which onboards ultrasound technology to inspect steel equipment.

We decided to integrate a x86 SBC (lattepanda alpha) because we use a laser profilometer and the software works on windows.

The robot is controlled remotely through ethernet cable from a laptop. The control GUI runs into the SBC. So we just remote desktop the SBC to control the robot.

Today we would like to use the robot on field and make it easier to use–> Avoiding launching a remote control session for example etc.

What different options could be implemented in order to avoid using RDC sessions? Is it possible to get the control user interface running vitually on the laptop?

Thanks a lot for your advice.


@Alexandre Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Not sure to completely undertand. The LattePanda does indeed run Windows 10, and has all the connections to operate as a stand-alone computer (HDMI, USBs etc.), so couldn’t you just install the software on the LattePanda, connect a monitor etc.? Perhaps there’s something I’m missing.

Thanks !
The lattePanda is installed inside the robot which is remotely controlled through ethernet cable or wifi.
Today we run a remote desktop session from the operator’s laptop but we would like to have an app more integrated. For example, a virtual app or something similar. Do you have any idea?

Unfortunately nothing comes to mind. Describing the end goal and the functionality for control might help you devise what hardware and software might be needed.