Robot Combat League

A new TV show, Robot Combat League starts on SiFi channel. 8:00PM Arizona time but check your local listings.

Only caught a brief teaser last night but it looks pretty good. I just hope it isn't just hollywood's idea of fighting robots that are nothing more than men with vacuume-formed plastic body parts attached. We'll see:-)

Ridiculus !

Ridiculus !

I mean the combat robot

I mean the combat robot

As far as I understand, they

As far as I understand, they are real (non-autonomous) robots piloted by a human fighter. Something between Real Steel and Rock 'em, Sock 'em Robots.

I know of at least one serious roboticist, Annika O’Brien, involved in the project. Here’s an article about the first episode.

Make that two.Heather Knight

Make that two.

Heather Knight is another “robo-tech” for the show.

First episode is available

First episode is available on replay.

I was amazed I was able to

I was amazed I was able to watch, I was expecting it to say “not available in your region”. Thanks for the link. Thats some serious engineering in those robots, not a sign of hot glue anywhere,heheheh. Pity they’re not autonomous but still great stuff.

Love the show and the design

Love the show and the design of the bots. Now, the question is, who is going to make android remote controlled replicas?

I have to say I’m really

I have to say I’m really impressed by the design of these robots. But how much did it cost to get them all running? Not to mention that they will have to repair them constantly… I don’t know about you guys, but I  don’t think this is gonna last long.

Not my thing.

I wanted to like it.  I told myself I would like.  I promised myself I would like it.  I hated it.

Its more like professional wrestling than it should be.  Everything is clearly faked.  Where do all the sparks come from?  And the smoke?  All the damage is apparently intentional, and the teams don’t have anything close to a real roboticist on them.  What does a K list celebrity know about fixing a robot?

The biggest problem in my mind is that they are obviously not standing on their own.  Don’t believe me, watch it again and seen their “feet” scoot across the floor.  They can’t be pushed over, they don’t have on board brains, they can’t move more than a little bit from side to side. Its just rock’em sock’em robots.  There is no skill, no competition, and barely any real robotics. (animatronics, yes)



My interview with one of the

My interview with one of the contestants, robotics engineer Annika O’Brien, is published on MAKE.