Robot Bee

My 'little' robot bee lacks the power of flight but makes up for that with its 350 volt stinger! I built this little bug bot one day out of a few switches, two motors and a battery case. The robot has two antenna that it uses to sense its environment. It the robot collides with a solid object it simply tries to turn around until it is no longer touching whatever it hit and then it continues to move forward again. Not much to this little robot. The stinger, I made from an old disposable camera's flash circuit. The robot also has a microphone built into the left antenna but that doesn't do anything unless you plug it into a computer.

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  • Actuators / output devices: DC Motors
  • Power source: 2 AA batteries
  • Sensors / input devices: bumper switches
  • Target environment: flat kitchen flore

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Yeah, as far as camera flashes go they can charge up alot of voltage but are usually relatively low amperage. I need to get some new batteries for my camera at the moment but once I do I can upload some nice HD footage of the bee in action!

Video Upload Complete

OK, so sorry it took me so long to upload a video but its here now so yay! The video demonstrates everything this robot does pretty well so enjoy!


that is cool!!!



that is cool!!!


lethal bee sting

Haven’t seen such a lethal bee sting up until now. This bee’s sting worries me more than the real bee’s sting. Glad these bees are rare and far away from Switzerland :wink:

Welcome to LMR.


Thanks so much NilsB!

Oooh! Is it LMRs first

Oooh! Is it LMRs first waeponized obstacle avoider?

Mu Ha ha…

It potentially is. I will let you know if I find anyone else who has something similar. And then I guess I’ll have to start building more robot bees to fill my robot bee hive!