Robot Arm - 1 Pound Payload

I am looking for an arm that can lift one pound and has wrist rotation, which one would be best?

@DigiOz Welcome to the RobotShop Community. One pound (~454g) is actually quite a lot for a hobby robot arm, and the question is, at what reach? For example 600mm:

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Ref: Building - Robot Arm, Help

Hi @Chiza I have a similar project, I want to lift a soda can and pour it. What did you end up using? Or did you ever get your project working?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for the best Robotic Arm kit under $500 that can lift at least 1lbs. I have always been interested in robotics and I set a goal to build a robotic arm that can pour a soda. It may sound silly, but hey have fun while you can.

So my needs:
Lift 1lbs

Have wrist rotation to pour

Have good community support

Easy to program (I am moderately good in C, C++, C#, Java, and am learning Python)

Camera integration so that it can see and grab the can.

Easy to assemble with clear instructions

Still shipping during the Coronapocolyps¹e ( I have a bunch of free time. I normally wouldn’t have)

Good community support.

Thank you,
Digital Ozymandias

@DigiOz Best to put all of the requirements into one post rather than several. Robotic arms under $500 can be found here:
However, not aware of any which can lift one pound (can of coke). If your goal is to lift vertically and tilt, you don’t need a complete robotic arm and can get away with a linear actuator for vertical lifting, a rotation servo and a gripper. This would be a custom build however.

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Thank you. I was afraid you would say that. My research has shown that the actuators to move that at anything more than 10-20 cm start to get really expensive. For it to work for what I want it will need to be at least 60-90 cm.

I guess I could do a liner actuator with a shorter arm and a claw, but that isn’t quite what i was wanting to build. I guess I shouldn’t try to run before I can walk.

Any suggestions on servos? I’m thinking rotation in the base, linear actuator for vertical, a wrist joint to pour, and a basic claw for a manipulator.

If you can get creative enough with the mechanics, there’s likely a way to do it all with one actuator, gears etc. If you prefer an actuator per axis, Linear actuators can raise weight, servos can rotate, and your choice for a custom claw which can hold a can. Propose drawing your ideas first (consider Sketchup 3D Free for example).

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