Robot 3 new user

Hi I can’t look through lots of posts too much overwhelm for my mental condition
Please what is best type of litter ? Clumping fine ?
Best lubricant for the track for globe ? Spray or cream polish or a silicone spray ?

Hi not sure where to go re robot 3 cat litter tray as it all seems to be about robots on here !?
I can’t wade through posts sorry not up to it health wise
Can anyone tell me how get direct touch with tech dept for robot 3
Size of bags for the draw ( litres )
Best clump litter to use
Lubricant to be used for the track for the globe is suppose be furniture polish so is cream or spray best
What about a silicone version ?

Hello @Lone1,

Welcome to RobotShop community,

You can contact us here or through this email for tech support:
[email protected]

The following links will provide you with some compatible brands that you can use:

As for the lubricant, some customers use furniture polish.

The waste bag size is flexible so you can use any type of bags as long as it’s installed properly as shown in the following video:

Let us know if you need further assistance.


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