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Willingly or not, the grass is growing and needs to be cut. Time to put those grass cutting shoes and pants, get the lawn mower ready for use and all this under sweating temperatures. You’re thinking of all the other things you could be enjoying at that moment while cutting the grass, or you’re jus

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I would have thought it far more efficient to keep spiraling inwards after doing the perimeter. This whole random crisscross pattern is hardly “robotic”. A cheap bump and turn toy can do that.

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Manfred, You are very wrong. What shape is your lawn? Spirals would be daft on mine and most people who need something that cuts automatically. Mine has several areas, trees, children’s play equipment etc etc. A spiral couldn’t work. I have one of these and it works pretty good. The algorithms apparently mean each bit of lawn is done twice. Mine has broken down a few times, but the service to resolve is second to none.