Robo Mower

I want to get this robot that mows the lawn for you. I have a huge yard and think this would be a good option, as opposed to just pulling my grass out because I hate mowing it so much. From what I’ve heard, you can program them to mow a certain space and they are super sensitive to where to cut, how much to cut, etc. Anyone familiar with using one of these?

Just build one!!

Hi folks,

I hope this thread is still open.
I’m trying to build my own robot mower, this is an image about how it will be.

If you want to take a look to my project you can go to

Any comment, suggestions and new ideas will be apreciat

Thanks for reply,* for the moment I’m still working on the robot part.
Right now it mount an asus eeepc that runs ROS.

The video below will show an idea on how it will be

You are quite correct, what I will build is a multi tools robot that can change it autonomously, in this way for the moment I will add one motor for each tools.

Nicely done!

It looks like you are using an XBox Kinect? Tell us if you have any luck using it outdoors - it uses infrared light, and the sun may cause interference.

It looks like you have it up and running already? Not sure I understand all the angled surfaces in the CAD drawing. From what I see, the blades and their shroud can be pivoted around the same axis shared by the drive wheels, and there are multiple blades turning at the same speed with the help of a timing belt. The rear wheels are casters and the main controller is a netbook or actual laptop.

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Wait for iRobot? You must be kidding. There are rumors about IRobot making a Robot Mower since multiple years but they don’t. In fact, they have to come up with something new because of the patents owned by Husqvarna + Zuchetti Systemi + (Lawnbott in North America) + Belrobotics … It may takes some time…

So, if you want to have your lawn cut automatically, you’re better make a choice now. I personally have the Lawnbott LB3250 since 3 years.

I enjoy it so much. Or I should say, I love it/him so much. Each time I read my newspapers while he is working, I realize how this domestic robot has improved my life:cool:

If I was you, I’d wait for 1 or 2 years… I think IRobot will make one and it will be inexpensive and optimal. Wait a little, the market is still young with this kind of robot.


Good morning anthony.julian,

Would you have an idea, in square feet, how large the area to be mowed is? this will help in choosing the right lawn mower.

The mowers we offer come in two types. Some operate using a perimeter wire that keeps the mower inside an area you specify, and others do not use a perimeter wire, but instead can detect when they are over grass or not. The latter style requires you have something like a fence to keep the robot on your property or it will drive away while mowing. It is also for smaller lawns and probably will not be able to handle the area you wish to mow.

The robots that work with the perimeter wire can’t be programmed to cut a specific area inside the perimeter as they run a random program as they move. You may however create multiple zones in some cases. They can, in a sense, tell how long the grass is by how hard the blade motor is working and can respond accordingly, staying out longer to properly mow the grass.

We’d recommend you check out the LawnBott user’s manual, and definitely let us know if you have any questions.


I really dont understand the upper body section of your robot lawn mower. It looks like coffin to me tbh.

Thanks for posting this informative thread. I really enjoy reading all the replies. I found your forum when I was looking for Robot lawn mowers in Australia.

@oliviawilson12 Welcome to the RobotShop Community. The idea behind the design was to make it as easy to recreate as possible. As such, the design is effectively a box, with a bit of space removed so the casters can freely rotate. Creating a more complex design likely meant very few people would be able to produce their own.