Robo Dragon

Hi, I'm a beginer in this kind of robotics so please hang with me if i ask stupid questions or don't know how to do simple things. This is a project I thought would be fun and a overall good challenge, so far all i have done is a prototype for the wing design. The wing should be able to fold in and fit next to the body. Ill post any updates in this blog and will start a project when i start making  the real robot, and not prototypes.

This robot will hopefully do the following:

  • walk (most important)
  • open/close wings
  • open/close mouth
  • wag tail
  • Roar
  • Flag wings
  • be voice controlled

I am planning on using (electical parts) :

  • VRbot- 1
  • Servo - 12
  • Speaker - 1
  • Arduino Mega 2560 and the sensor shield
  • Ultrasonic Distance sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Webcam

Estimated Cost  $288.87


Here is a picture of the prototype for the wing. It is kinda hard. to see but the pieces of metal are held togather with fishing line. Also i added a gear that is connected to the longest piece of metal, so the wing will be able to open and close.

THe Foot prototype. The real one will have a wide base, but overall the same design. What i want from the foot is the ablity to bend so if it encounters a raised object it won’t completely fail.

Designs:  (Please tell me if you see a flaw in them)


Questions i have that i hope yall may be able to answer and save me hours of online searching:





If you have any tips, or can give any help at all please say so in the comments