ROB-13899 circuit board

Does anyone out there have a ROB-13899 circuit board for the Shapeoko 3 cnc. It is made by Sparkfun and is discontinued. I need one. If anyone knows of the location of one, please let me know. I’ve tried 2 different replacements. but neither of them work. thanks in advance, Doug

@Toddie99 Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Have you tried reaching out to Sparkfun directly to see if they can assist?

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It’s retired at sparkfun. That means they will not make it again. SparkFun Stepoko - ROB-13899 - SparkFun Electronics

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Correct, though it’s free to ask if they happen to have one laying around. Sparkfun is known for trying to go the extra mile, or might have alternative ideas for a replacement (or combination of parts to put together something which could act as a replacement).

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Does Arduino CNC shield V3 meet your requirement? Arduino CNC Shield V3

I’m after this or something like it too-for my swappable board project . I’m meaning to have everything gone through one connector between a board and the Shapoko XXL. There are 47 pins (not including the Wanderer Connector and there are spots for additional pins… ) on the V2.4d board, 22 being used according to Shapeoko gathering guidelines, and afterward the 5 visual guides a piece for the USB and Power connectors… I need to ensure I have a way for each association I could use for additonal updates while some are marked, some are not! I have a 2.4d board and a subsequent board on hand starting yesterday. Try not to believe Carbide should make some extraordinary new extra accessible (Carbide Associate/Contact Test/Laser head, etc,and t figure out I want to free it up to add more associations!