Ro-Bot-X Board Reviews



Recently, Ro-Bot-X send me three boards to evaluate. I had previously ordered his Robot Builder's Shield V1, and commented with some constructive feedback and a review on it after using the board for Penny.

Due to some minor issues with this first board, Ro-Bot-X promised an updated verision to those that had ordered one when it was ready. He has since come up with two new boards, the uBotino and the new uServotino (in beta testing).

When I offered to participate in his beta testing of the uServotino, he sent along the replacement Robot Builder's Shield V2, and threw in a uBotino as well!


Pictured above are the Robot Builder's Shield V2 (bottom-left), the uServotino (top), and the ubotino (bottom-right).

I will post a separate review for each board. Click the links below to jump to those reviews.

First, I want to point out a few things about the boards in general, and also about working with Ro-Bot-X.

Board Design

All three boards are well thought out. He tends to use a compact, two-layer design.

Sensor and servo interfaces use a three pin GND-Power-Signal pinout like a servo. Mounting through holes for noise suppression capacitors are typically provided along with each group of interfaces. All the Arduino pins are broken out and easy to access. 


Gabriel seems to prefer a distinctive yellow color for his boards, although some of his board providers have sent him standard green boards despite his stated preference.

The boards are also very nicely labeled. I'll show you some more close-ups as I review the individual boards in this series of reviews.

Ordering and Customer Service

Garbriel (Ro-Bot-X) is great to work with. He responds to emails quickly, processes and ships order promptly, and is always helpful if you have a question.


Gabriel sells his boards and parts kits very inexpensively. The parts kits are an especially good bargain. I could not buy all the parts needed to populate his boards for the cost he sold them to me. The reason is, he buys them in lots, so he gets cheaper prices and combined shipping costs. Unless you already have most of the parts needed on hand, the kits are a good deal.


Gabriel is located in Canada, and uses low cost Canadian post for shipping. It is worth mentioning that while the cost is low, speed has not always been great.  A couple of my orders have taken weeks, while others have arrived in 5-7 days. Tracking has not been an option.

It is typical of Gabriel's excellent customer service that in both occasions when the shipping was delayed, he responded quickly to emails. He offered to resend the order at his cost if it didn't arrive, both it wasn't necessary. Gabriel suspects that he gets slower service from certain post offices, and has said he will avoid shipping from those in the future. However, it may all in the timing of when he happens to bring the order in for shipping.

Once again, the delay was Canadian post. Gabriel himself typically got the order in the mail one or two days after I made it.


Gabriel accepts PayPal and responds with typical promptness to orders.


I like the Ro-Bot-X products, and I like dealing with Gabriel.

It's nice to support a fellow LMRian, and several of them are now offering products, so check them out.


See the review for the Robot Builder's Board V2.

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Thanks for the review Andrew!

Thanks for the review Andrew!