Right sprocket for the track system

I am building a tracked chassis and trying to choose the right sprocket. Right now I have 4 motors with 2 6-tooth sprockets on each of the motors.

But the movement is not smooth, it is kind of wobbly. It looks like as sprocket goes over one thicker link of the track it goes up a little bit and goes down on the smaller link.

Is my sprocket type causing this (and I should get one with more teeth)? Or is my problem not related and I should look into other aspects of my chassis?

Thanks for the help

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@ulka Welcome to the RobotShop Community. The little bounce you experience is in fact normal for that sprocket, which is the smallest it could be made for that type of track. One other customer reported this several years ago, and redesigned and 3D printed his own sprocket which he indicated worked. The 6-tooth and 9-tooth sprockets have been around since ~2011.
Larger MTS modular sprockets don’t seem to have this issue.


This is very helpful, thanks!