Rhino Robot Restoration Video Series

I am starting a new tutorial series on restoring vintage rhino robot arms, but it is on YouTube.
What is the appropriate way of posting that here on RobotShop?

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Hello @smsavage32 and welcome to the RobotShop community!

Nice job!

Since it is a robot you could post it in the Robots section, however, it looks like you’ve done some good research on the history of Rhino, so you might be interested in doing a Blog post instead.

For reference, here’s what each section is used for:

Tutorials Section
From general notions, basic or advanced concepts, to How to’s, Tutorials are intended to
educate. A tutorial is not about a specific project but rather about the general knowledge
and information needed in order to help members eventually create projects. They
usually help people get started in robotics, learn how to program, how to use CAD
software, understand basic electronic principles, etc.

Robots Section
A robot project post is mainly about showcasing a robotic creation, which can be
anything that fits with the definition of a robot! From robotic arms to line-following robots,
members share the finished project, their brainstorming and/or design process as well as
the technical aspects of the build. It’s about sharing your creation, your thinking process,
the steps involved, lessons learned and techniques!

Blogs Section
A good way to stay informed! Keep up to date on the robotics fields, read experts’
opinions on a variety of topics: news, ethics, foresights. The blog section is where
thoughts, reflections and ideas, from members, collaborators or from RobotShop come
to life! Write on developments in the field; research, reviews, recommendations,
experience, interviews, essays, etc.’’