RFX transmission

Last couple of days I have been working on the RFX transmission and here is the result.
A symmetrical power transmission from a pair of stationary rings on both sides, to a central output ring. The Gearbox can be 3D-printed and has 4 times the number of teeth engaged with a central output.

The Design is based around the 9235 motor which also acts as a limit for the overall size. The motor is placed inside the Sungear to save space.

Information: )(more to come)
1-Stage = 2,5
2-Stage =12
Geardown ratio= 30:1



Last parts is printing now!


First test spin:

Will make a test rig the cooming days and test loads/backlash/torque


Some weightlifting :triumph:15kg at 15-20A

Precision testing

Very impressive!

What do you plan on doing with it?

Not much, I just wanted to design it :slight_smile:

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