Review: OWI Robotic arm kit

We finally had time with my son to open and assemble the OWI Robotic arm kit.

The videos are done, with some pictures.

For the moment, I published the unboxing.

All is done in french as I'm doing this with my 13 son but I can add english comments either here or in the youtube comments section.

I add here the Google Photo album with pictures taken during assembly:

Assembly videos are coming soon, just need some polish.

update december, 12th, 2015:

proper movie montage is a long task ;)

in the meantime, the arm has not been used but yesterday, when I wanted to show it to a friend, I saw that wire slip off the connector.

I'll see what to do, but it's surprising as it has been touched with care an not often. For a "no solder" product, it's a bit embarrassing.

Edit: I finally posted the build video. The only difficulty my son had was to assemble the Led in it's suport.

The schemas were maybe a bit light on that but there was a small gap to position properly.

Everything went fine for the rest, even if my son had to run to buy D batteries as it is not usual for us at home.

We need to install the usb interface and the software to try some new things with this nice arm.

Nice start

Nice start TitiMoby, looking forward to your next video. Sorry about the wire. It is the first time we see this issue. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need replacement parts.