Reverse pendulam using Rpi,Arduino and additional 0.75kg - which rover 5 chassis to buy



i am trying to built a autonomous car ( which can also be controlled by wifi) using DAGU rover-5 chasis , dagu 4 channel motor driver , raspberry pi (for wifi and camera) and arduino uno. i also like to use the same platform for inverted pendulam project using MPU6050 which is my next stage target , so the car needs to be very swift or agile to maintain the balance and change the direction.

including all the circuitry (motor driver , arduino , raspberry pi , servo , sensor , lipo , converter , regulator and acrylic plates , breadboard) i think i will add additional 700-1000gm weight on top of the chassis.

dagu rover 5 platform comes in 3 variants:

1) chassis with 2 motor , no encoder

2) chassis with 2 motor , 2 encoder

3) chassis with 4 motor , 4 encoder

i am confused , which one will suit my requirement , whats the advantage of having 2 extra motor - more thrust/speed? please keep in mind the weight it might carry and speed it needs for swift movement. well i dont need precise outcome. is "2 motor no encoder chassis" ok for my project or should i buy the other ones?

do i really need encoder , or its god to have for future? 


i have seen you robot

i have seen you robot yesterday itself :slight_smile: its a nice piece of work. the robor is quite fast to response.

ok if 4 motors giving me more torque than 2 motor , then i think keeping the additional load in mind it will help to accelerate faster i.e to overcome the inertia when it is still. am i correct? do you think that 2 motors can carry 0.75 grn and still be agile/swift? hw much is the weight of that robot claw/arm/gripper? it looked pretty swift even with that gripper.

as i said i want to upgrade it later into inverted pendulam and control movement using PID. as of now i intend to move to robot autonoumously inside house so constant speed is not in my mind. i just want that the same platform helps me in later projects.


issue closed

i have brought the 4 motor and 4 channel encoder of DAGU , this discussion stands closed. :slight_smile: