Retracting Linear Actuator, with Raspberry Pi

I would need to create a piece of equipment, which needs to push and pull an object, in high speed and with high torque. I am new to this actuator projects, so can someone recommend me with some good actuators, controllers and other necessary items.

In short, the actuator should be able to move forward and backward, at a high speed. I will also need a feedback control.

Thanks in advance!

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Before you want to select an actuator and its controller, you will need to determine the torque required and the desired length needed.
Once it’s set, this will help me to figure out what kind of actuator would fit for your project.

Hi, Thanks for the response.

I will need a fixture, to move front and back at speed of 1Hz, that is for every second, it needs to make a front and back motion of approx 5".
The load it will be required to move is a maximum of 100 to 200lbs.

I built a system with linear stage actuator, where a stepper motor is used with raspberry pi, as shown in the video. ( see from 1:30 ) , but could not serve the purpose, speed and load.

I would like to know what other options do I have to achieve my goal.
The Requirement is that, I need to use a microcontroller or computer to control it ( instead of a switch ), so that I can operate at various speeds.

Thanks again for your help !


Thank you for the video.
I believe that a Linear Actuator could take care of that task.

Let me know if you need help in the choice of the product.

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Hi Pjutras,

Can You also recommend me on how should I be controlling them ? what controllers do I need ?
Earlier I used a Raspberry pi, but seems there are a lot of options.

My Requirement is that, it needs to be commanded by a program, and the position and speed needs to be in control. Like I will be needing it to be operating at various speeds ( or various load levels ).


Thanks for the additional information.

Since you want to control the speed and the position of the actuator, I would recommend using a linear actuator including a potentiometer like this one:
This will allow you to track the position of the actuator. Note that you will need a microcontroller to read the value of the potentiometer.

To control the speed of the actuator I would recommend any regular DC motor driver depending on the specifications of the actuator.

Let me know if this helped you.

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Hi, Thanks for the information.
I am expecting a higher speed of 1" to 2"/s. Could you suggest some? and with high torque too?

Also, are there any blogs where I can obtain the code for the microcontrollers or like a complete setup procedure?

Here is a good option:

Here is another good example:

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