Results of the Mr Basic competition


What started out as a good idea got complicated. Sounds like any robot-project? Well.. perhaps this is why; the contest works / not works like the robots it's driven by.


DAGU first let me taste & try some of their products. Really good products, and DAGU was (and are) really polite, nice, fast responding, fair.. the kind of people that I'd like to support!

We somehow got to the idea that a new product of theirs, MR Basic, should get a promotion on LMR, while they on the other hand should sell us cheap HW and reward the 3 robots made using this kit - each with the grand price of USD 100.. What could go wrong?

Well.. as you know, first there where some issues with the kit. To be frankly there where a lot, so that part (the foundation) pretty muchfell apart :)

DAGU at least lived up (and more) to what one could expect, and not alone send people replacement parts for free, but even included a gadget.

Next, the voting..

To put it short, it turned out to be a crap idea to vote "best robots" on LMR. It sounded so innocent, but turned out that of course people did not like to vote, because they would have to discourage other fellow robot builders.. wich is pretty much everything this LMR-thing does NOT stand for (we let other sites do that).

Oh boy.

Well.. I hope you all forgive me the crap I have done here, and know that the intentions where good. Next time we will make up something better.

HOWEVER! The robots made are really cool. And none of this should be taken so serious, it IS after all just for fun.

Just to make matters just that little extra difficult, maneuver managed to squeeze in a robot in the last second. And tell us all how great it could have been if not the base of the competition was a mess.. And then he voted it 5 stars. Or somebody did.

Since the voting is based on average, this one vote of 5 stars completely kills all competition. OMFG, what to do?

Well.. I have decided, that I will just rule here. I am sure it is a bad idea, but this whole competition was, so here goes.


The 3 winners of the doomed LMR DAGU Mr Basic contest are, in random order:

Mr.Flex (Pimp My Ride) - Bridge on the River Qwai

Mr. "Red" Adair - Firefighting robot

retro light show bot - now with extra details


A price of honor goes to

Mr. Tidy

(But since it's master is about to work for the company paying the price, this can only bea price of honor, though it was in the top, judged from the votes)


- And we all know that the whole concept was a bad idea; There is no point in saying that one is better than the other, so a BIG THANKS to everyone participating, and I'd like to mention these:

Jeep Mr Basic

Mr. Passive agressive

1069-E1 - Hunting for Dust Bunnies

Mr Mouse Droid - Ericski's Mr Basic Contest Entry

Brainy Basic


Some has really done a great job!!

- And a big thanks to rik, for tipping Make Magazine


I will NEVER make a competition like this again, we should all be winners, we will find other ways to involve vendors.

Thanks again, I suspect DAGU will get in touch with the lucky 3.

Congratiolations to you, guys! :)


PS: Thanks again for playing along.. Yes, you too ;)

Congrats to the winners
Great job guys.

This may sound bitter,

…and I am a bit.

Depending on when on July 1st I was either in 3rd place or tied for 3rd place. That didn’t matter because not only did the deadline change, the way the winners was decided was changed, too. No, I won’t be taking place in any “contests” or “challenges” for a while. I’m totally discouraged and put off.

The three winners are awesome and I don’t begrudge them one bit. I do expect to see some cool bots with the Dagu stuff they get, though.



No, Fritsl, no!

Under no circumstances are you allowed to prevent another contest like this from taking place, fritsl.

I’ve done several competitions for musicians and have run into all the problems we encountered here. We’ve ended up with a fairly simple voting system that makes all the competitors feel it was a fair vote. And I’ll happy to help implement it the next time somebody offers us cheap kits and free prizes.

We’re scientists here and every good scientist knows that failure is an important part of the process. So, with that in mind I conclude that this competition was a successful step forward. -Next time will be awesome!-

Oh, and ericski. It’s just a game man. I won too, you know. We still got really fun kits extremely cheap!



I hope you forgive me the crap I have done here, and know that the intentions where good.

Don’t overreact fristl, it

Don’t overreact fristl, it haven’t been that bad!!! and it was pretty funny to see the different things that lmr members made with the same base.

In a contest, there always are people who are disppointed, but if they don’t want to be sad, they just don’t take part into, that’s it… (for example, i’ve made my entry for oddbot contest, just to see that it’s not even a valid one… but what the hell, funny to do, funny to see other entries, and good motivation for everyone!)

So stop that, it wasn’t crappy at all!!! :smiley:

I know that the intentions were good and that it wasn’t personal.

Good job everyone. Great robots.


First of all, congratulations to the winners. They were my best voted ones.

Thank you for your support, If you are patient, you will see Jeep Mr Basic fully working soon.

And finally some words about the challenge: Don’t give up fritsl, it wasn’t that bad. The experience earned with this challenge will help LMR to improve.


Congratulations guys, this contest resulted in some pretty sweet bots. I’ve been too busy these last few weeks to follow the end of the competition as closely as I wanted, but it’s good to see Ant rewarded for his retro light show bot - I have a great deal of sympathy for anyone interfacing sensitive low-voltage μCs with high-voltage peripherals =D