Researching three-wheeled off-road robots, asking for info

Hello everyone,

I've been thinking about building a large off-road robot for a while. I want to make it a fast three wheeler that uses two bicycle tires in the front (bmx size) and a smaller child's bike wheel on a caster in the rear. All of the wheels are going to be independently suspended, with leading arm suspensions in the front and a trailing arm in the back. One design goal is to make it faster than a person can run (roughly 10-15 mph).

I’ve been looking around the internet for similar robots to steal ideals from J but haven’t found much. I have found this project: 

But I imagine mine having a lower profile and being much faster. There is an article about it here:

I also found this one but couldn’t find much information: 

Here is the website about that one: This one doesn’t have a suspension though (hence the broken wheel).

I figured if there is anything out there that I haven’t found then someone on here will know about it. So if you’ve seen anything similar on your travels of the interwebs please let me know.