Request for 3D Cad models for MES-FP-LH-KT Folding Propeller Hub LH

I would like to request to have the 3D cad model for MES-FP-LH-KT Folding Propeller Hub LH and MES-FP-RH-KT Folding Propeller Hub RH.

Hi Samarth_SK,

Here is an STL file of the adapter.
We hope this helps.

All the best,
MES-FPB - Folding Prop Assembly V1.2.AD_PRT.stl (2.1 MB)

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Hi dialfonzo,
We are including this component in our UAV system and would like to request if the component is available in any other 3D CAD format? .step perhaps?

It would be great to see what you are going to build with it.
Let us know if that would work.

MES-FPB - Folding Prop Assembly (33.4 KB)

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