Replacement controller for Golf Caddy

Hello all!

I have a golf caddy with 2 12v 200W motors with a controller that won’t sync. I was thinking of replacing it completely with a sabertooth controller and possibly an RF transmitter/recieved kit. I attached pictures of what I have. I’d like to replace with a new controller but unfortunately this has no branding whatsoever and the person I’m fixing it for recieved it as a present years ago.

My question is:

  1. Which model of sabertooth (or other reccomedned) controller? I was thinking the 25a but it’s out of stock for now.
  2. Reccomedned remote? It’s a sort of tank control so old remote has just buttons for forward, backwards and left right. I think it keeps driving but no idea. Appears to have some sort of pot for speed control so not sure how that’s handled. Ideally something that can be controlled with 1 hand.
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Hello @Mitch_122 and welcome to the forum.

  1. According to the motor specs, one motor can draw around 17 Amps so Sabertooth 2x25 would be a good option, or even 2x32 to be on a safe side. Unfortunately it is out of stock until August. Maybe you could try with this one:

  2. Regarding remote. Please have a look at RadioLink portfolio:

Hope this helps a little bit.

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