Repeatability accuracy spec SES-V2 5DoF

What is the repeatability accuracy specification of the SKU: RB-Lyn-1089 “Lynxmotion SES-V2 Robotic Arm (5 DoF) w/ Smart Servos Kit”

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Hi @fernandgseattleuedu

Thank you for contacting RobotShop / Lynxmotion and welcome to the RobotShop Community. Each servo within the arm has a no load accuracy of ±0.3°. However under load, the angular deflection at 12V (Max. holding torque) is around 2.00°. This means at the end of the arm (full horizontal reach), the deflection can be around 1 to 2cm depending on the load and speed of the move. All servos have absolute positioning, which helps with the repeatability, but it’s important to note that hobby articulated arms do not have high accuracy.

If you are looking for something precise, you might consider:

Note however that the range, payload and degrees of freedom are different than an articulated arm.

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