Red PCBs! Red FR4 Material

I now have Red FR4 Single Sided PCB material! If you send me your design, Single sided only, I can produce any reasonable quantity of boards for $2 a square inch, plus 20 dollars for the startup fee. Unlimited Number of boards I can produce for you, and they will be done the same day I recieve the order! The Red PCB material is 0.06 inches thick so its pretty hefty and wont flex. I can produce boards with 0.016 Inch traces minimum, and I can also populate the boards with any parts I have on hand for free!


EDIT: I noticed that the board has a wavy outline, because my belt sander is packed away

EDIT2: Looks pitted because I ran out of etchant half way through, had to finish with 30% Hydrochloric Acid which can mess with the toner, unlike ammonium persulfate.

I can also put a silkscreen

I can also put a silkscreen on the board too for components, as I just found out that the toner transfers to this material very well.