Recommended step motors

Hello there, newbie here, this is my first post. I trying to build a robotic arm that can reach 2-2.5 mts radio. The lift weight is 1-1.5lb, but the material of the arm need to resist moisture corrosion for that reason i chose aluminum and with that weight increases significantly which i consider the big problem here so i need to choose the stepper motors or instead another kind of motors needed for this aplication.
i’m using a raspberry 4 for this and this robotic arms is a 4 DOF. Hope you can give me some recomendations for this. Thanks

@Liam14 Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Can you confirm if you already have the Lynxmotion 4DoF robotic arm? If not, and you’re designing a new arm, consider the following:

You are correct that aluminum is a very good choice for the structure, but a good design made of plastic will also work well.

Most stepper motors will rust in high humidity situations.
Most “normal” RC motors as well as most smart servos will also rust.

There are waterproof servos available which would work:
However there are no brackets available for these, so you will need to design and manufacture your own.

If you can explain a bit more about where the arm will operate, maybe we can provide additional insights.

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Thanks for the recommendation, yes the motors listed in the link you shared with me are the ones I wanted with respect to humidity, but they can’t provide enough torque. I am designing a robotic arm for mine interiors, so humidity is a must to consider.

curious what does 1TH 2TH mean please ? Stepper motors : they take a lot of current make a lot of heat. Be sure to check what heat they give out A factor I found hard to find from data Put a small one in plastic mounting. Melted the the lot in 1 minute of simple clock face between.

I gave up then. Point of this story is " HOw do manufacturers quote temperature rise re steppers.

There are not many waterproof motors, so one alternative is to try to waterproof a motor, but in such a way that the temperature does not get too high. This can be waterproofing the motor itself, or a housing around it, or the entire arm (like when used for spraying applications).