Receiver to KK Board

GOOD DAY ! everybody ! 

I am here ASKING FOR HELP ! 

I am making a Tri/T-Copter UAV, and I'm having a HARD time with my KK BOARD ...

Can anybody PLEASE Help me How to Connect the 3 ESC and Receiver to the KK Board with 3 DC Motor...?

You may:

Demonstrate it 

Give a HELPFUL / USEFUL Links / Videos

Show me the Diagram 



Thank you Earthlings !

I found everything you need

I used the term “KK board” via Google and also YouTube, I found everything you need including diagrams, circuits, pictures with clear labels, how-to’s, and even setup videos. There is really a LOT of info out there.


–Did this information not come up when you googled it?


We can get into DC vs. Brushless motors later.

Done Googling


I actually done googling it but it the information is very useless… same with the lame videos on YouTube… so I asked it here…

I think we have different internets

I think our internets might be working differently…

I went to YouTube and searched “KK board”. The very first video was this one:

Now, I suppose one could find this video “lame”, but I will tell you what I saw:

  • A 10 minute video, clear, in focus, narrated with good audio
  • (8) clickable links on the video itself, right on the bottom of the screen, clearly labeled and, when clicked, send you directly to an indexed portion of the video speaking on a specific topic. 
  • These individual topics include:
  • Build Tips
  • Board orientation
  • Motor Configuration
  • ESC Programming
  • Plugging in
  • Throttle Calibration
  • Gyro Reversing
  • Final Activation

Not to put too fine a point on it but, this video is quite possibly the best, most complete instruction video (on any subject) on the internet. The fact that it pertains to your particular project is a gift from the Gods. This video is the best you will find anywhere. (The best)

If this kind of available information falls into the catagory of “Lame”, I fear you are going to be really let down when you see the rest of the internets. 

Very well

Ok, thanks for that…