RC Servo Motor Controller

Hello there!

I’m having trouble making a servo turn the full 180° as advertised. The thing is, that my transmitter/receiver will not send a wide enough PWM signal to it and it turns only 90°.

My question after a lot of searching is, if I could extend this range of movement by purchasing a Servo Motor Controller.

If so, what should I be looking for, that does the job?


We used to carry a product called a “servo range extender” for exactly your situation, but the manufaturer discontinued it.
Certain RC remotes are “programmable” and allow you to make use of the full PWM range.
Ex (great value) https://www.robotshop.com/en/radiolink-at10ii-24g-12ch-transmittee-r12ds-receiver.html
Ex: https://www.robotshop.com/en/radiolink-t8s-24ghz-8ch-transmitter-r8ef-8ch-receiver.html (configurable via their application)

A normal servo controller which takes signals can do the full 500 to 2500us range.

I actually have Radiolink AT10II and it doesn’t allow me to send 500 to 2500 us PWM.

Do you know it can be done?

I was only able to extend the range from like 60° to 90° through it.

If I recall correctly, the interface for that remote is in percentage (100% up to 120% etc.). Refer to the guide for details. If you’re at the limit, there’s a chance that the servo you’re using is restricted in motion; it’s rare but it happens that some RC servos are actually limited in angular range even with full 500 to 200us signal.