RC PWM to control 0-14v dc output

I want to control the brightness levels of some 12v lights. My source voltage is 12v dc and I simply want to dim the lights when turning the dial on my RC based Futaba radio. The lights draw 2-3 amps only. I’m looking for a device that will convert RC PWM to a voltage control from 0-14v… so full left on the controller the lights are off, and full right they are 12v. The unit should have a voltage input separate from the ESC’s 5v supply. Do you have anything like that?

Hello @Sub and welcome to the RobotShop forum,

You could either make a circuit that converts the RC PWM signal to an analog voltage signal. Here’s an example:

You could get a module that does it for you, for example:

Or even easier, get a controller that can dim the lights using RF:

Or perhaps you could be interested in something like this:

Thanks for the reply.

  1. I dont have space or want the complexity of an arduino solution
  2. The KNACRO module wants normal PWM (" 1KHz ~ 3KHz.") not “RC PWM”
  3. I can not use a wireless remote control solution, I have to use the Futaba controller as my control for system architecture/integration reasons.
  4. I cant use the esp32 because I will be out of wifi range, and ideally, I can supply up to 14v to my lights. Also, my lights are not RGB controllable, they just use a normal automotive range DC input to light (They are dimmable though).

See why I posted here? :slight_smile: its not an easy problem, but it seems like there should be an easy solution or module out there…

Well, you could use an RC DC Motor Controller, it would be a bit of an overkill because the light won’t need much current but it should do the job, you can find some options in the R/C DC Controllers section of the store.