Rc conveyor in need of a stronger 12v motor

I am building a 48" conveyor and the 12v worm dc motor I selected turns out to be way too weak for the task. I tested with a 12v drill and 20v drill, which have no problem spinning the belt. I want to try a new motor but there so many to choose from, I don’t want to waste money in trying many. Can you help to choose a 12v motor that has equivalent power compared to a Dewalt cordless 12v drill motor or better. I am using a Cytron MD10C motor driver with an Arduino UNO.

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Hi @Vbdino !

The belt really looks quality made and professional :slight_smile: Is it made by you or ordered completely?

Regarding the motor. Can you tell us which motor exactly are you using at the moment that is too weak?

The belt is from aliexpress, custom made to my size specification. Though they made the V shapes bigger than expected. I noticed some resistance when the V shape has to move around a roller. I got the motor from aliexpress, which had same spec as this one https://ca.robotshop.com/products/high-torque-gearmotor-self-locking-worm-gear-motor-w-encoder-12v-105rpm.

The gear ratio 1:72 is maybee too low. I want to find something that has equivalency with a cordless drill. Maybe a planetary gear instead.

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Hi @Vbdino !

According to some info I found, torque of Dewalt cordless drill can go up to 1450 in-lbs. That is 40 times higher than the motor you choose which can explain why it works easily with Dewalt.

Something stronger from RobotShop would be something like this:

Sounds more powerful, but rpm is low. Looking more for 50 rpm or there is something I didn’t understood with theses motors. I may also experiment to build a temporary belt with a roll on neoprene rubber to compare power requirement. Also considering trimming the V shapes.

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So here is the option with 56RPM:

Usually, lower RPM means bigger toque.

This 60 rpm motor, has a 100:1 ratio but currently out of stock. It also has a better shipping cost for Canada. Not sure if you actually work at Robotshop but if you do, do you know when it will be in stock.

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HI @Vbdino !

When you click See Due Date it gives following date:

I use a 12v 15 watt DC 300rpm gear head with speed controller .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Kmtkmqi7x4&t=50s

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Nice! Where is this located? Did you find any gold? :slight_smile:

Of course but I can’t load photo’s ? there in JPEG…