RC car controlled by PC or PDA using wireless communication

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I am doing the robo-project in the university. The main task is to build a robot using wireless technology that can be able to perform number of tasks that are sent from the PC.

I have an idea to use EXCEED-RC CHAMPION 1/10 On Road Electric Car (info: http://www.nitrorcx.com/exch1onroelc.html) as a platform for the project. Because this type of RC car has high-torque on-board motors and AM transmitter.

So, my question is:

Is it possible to control this car by the PC using wireless communication (for example on-board Two Channel AM) ?

P.C. I can provide more deep information about the project if needed !


Bluetooth or rf

Bluetooth or rf communications for example can be easily added and would allow you to control your rc car.

you just need an app on the computer side and the uProc to be able to interpret the commands(sent via your choice of wireless com). Shouldn’t be difficult at all.

Thanks. But could you explain in more detail ?

For example, you mean that I should use bluetooth instead of two way AM. Is it right ?

So the new type of transmitter should be included and hence any type of PIC should be attached to the RC Car platform… ?

If you are refering to the

If you are refering to the am transmitter that comes with the car, that would be a 2 channel 1 way communications. You send out signals but get no feedback unless you attached something that could send data back, like a video camera proc connected to a tranmitter.

A Bluetooth/RF tranciever would give you 2 way communication which would allow for feedback to be transmitted from the RC car as well as instructions being sent to the car.

You would need to essentually replace the (RC)transmitter/reciever setup that you currently have with a setup that would allow for communications and control.

The processor that you use, pic, avr, arduino, picaxe, doesn’t matter as long as it can interface with the devices that you are going ot use…which shouldn’t be a problem. At any rate, yes the pic should be attached to the rc car itself.


[[controlling app] computer]<–BT/RF_tranciever–> ///\radio signal////&lt;–BT/RF_tranciever–>[uProc–>[servo/motor control[RCcar]]]

The controlling app(on the computer) could be anything from say a .net app, java, or processing which is what some folks here have started to tinker with. That would relay the signals via the BT/RF tranciever to the BT/RF tranciever on the RC car. this tranciever would be attached to the uProc(PIC if you like) which would then relay the commands to the contoll devices, like the servo and speed controller. You would most likely want some sensors on the buggy as well which the uProc would send back to the controlling app as feedback.

The servo and SC should be easy to control as they use the same signals(pwm), though in different ways(the servo usually has equal rotation in both directions, see below example). The only real trick for both of these is to tune them…ie for the servo, find the center so you can have equal turning for both left and right. For the SC, you’ll want to set it up so that you have the max amount of range on the thottle(you’ll get smoother throttleup). I believe that this can be done by actually using the original transmitter/reciever setup that came with the car. If you have a multimeter, check the voltage range from the output signal pin(servo one?) on the reciever and changing the throttle on the rc transmitter to go through it’s full range(pressing the trigger). Find the same ranges with the output of your procs servo control function (not sure what that is on a Pic). that should give you the ranges for the low, high and neutral that you could figure out with some testing.

[<------NS----->] NS=neutral postion for servo

[<–NT--------->] NT=neutral postion for throttle

Sorry if I confused you even more!! :smiley:



Thank You ! For giving a really deep answer !

I’m actually on designing stage with my project. So the idea with this type of RC car seems to be good !

I’ve just need to consider if the idea with using this RC car as a platform for the project will be real and could be done. If so, I’ll order it and start doing next steps that you suggested in the post.

I think, it will be good idea to use build-in motors and hopefully it is servo motors.

I think, I need to find more technical specifications about this RC car to find out what type of on-board electronics it has.

So, I’ll write what I found as soon as possible !

Once again, Thanks for help, because it really important for me to take some feedback from you ! =))

Glad the info was helpful.
Glad the info was helpful. What I spelled out was the route that I would use if I were going to do a similar project.

The one thing though is that even though it is feasible, it’s also got some difficulties to overcome, expense not withstanding when converting an rc car.

If you are going for a project where you’re just planning to control a vehicle(no necessarily rc car)via computer/hand held device, I would go with a tracked or two wheeled vehicle as they are easier to control and move around compared to a wheeled vehicle. There are pro’s and cons for both, but for starting out, you could be in for a handful with wheeled(IMO).The two links I included are scratch built, but you could easily find track kits to make life easier if you didn’t want to build it all yourself.

More examples of chasis that could also consider.

I wanted to add that these are only things to think about and if you are set on using an rc car, by all means go for it! :smiley:




This is all information that I found !

My last week was really busy, so sorry for the late post !

This is more information about the car:


(More Pictures visit at http://www.raidentech.com/1onroelcawdc.html)





380 MM

14.2 inch.


200 MM

7.87 inch.


112 MM

4.40 inch.


260 MM

10.24 inch.

Ground Clearance:

4.5 MM

0.18 inch.

Diameter Of Wheel:

65*26 MM


7.2V 1800mAh Ni-Mh


RC 540

Gear Ratio:


It uses DC Motor.
So, as I understood, it uses DC motor. And I hope there will be no any big difficulties to control it… ?
And I also have a question what type of programming language you suggest to use ?

Anyway, Thank You ! =))