RBS CtC and OB-1 (The Great Profit)





Dunno why the video is not embedded…

Dunno why the video is not embedded…  I linkified-URL’ed properly…

Good luck, Chris! I hope you
Good luck, Chris! I hope you find a fulfilling job so you can have your hobby back.

I feel for you Chris! I

I feel for you Chris! I completely understand what you’re going through. You have done a lot, both for yourself and for LMR and you deserve a change of scenery. I believe a man is happy when he has some work to do that he does not hate and he has time for some hobby of sorts. Sports, cars, riding, gardening, building robots or whatever he can enjoy. Go out and talk with people, get inspired, come back with building enthusiasm. We will support you, as you support us.

As you may have noticed I was absent form LMR for most of the 2014 year. Not building anything and not even having time to stay and chat. Or follow other people’s projects. That was because I am switching from working in apartment renovations to beekeeping. I renovated my townhouse, sold it and bought a property far out of the city. All that renovations were done besides working full time and beekeeping in the weekends (mostly on Sundays). In my 2 weeks Christmas vacation I resumed 3D printing and printed the parts for a Kossel mini, because I want a reliable printer that works without direct connection to a computer. Now I’m back to work and it’s going to be a long winter until spring when I’ll move completely to the property and start building hives and renovating the house over there. Oh, and a greenhouse, with aquaponics and lots of Arduinos to automate stuff and so on. I’ll dust off my crappy CNC and perhaps rebuild it properly, so I’ll have something to do over the winter when I don’t have so much stuff to do outside. I need to build a Mule robot, that is a big tractor like robot with attachments for mowing, snowblowing or hive lifting. Also to pull a small trailer arround the property. Solar rechargeable of course, to be “green”. So yeah, here are my ideas, I’m sure you’ll have yours and we’ll certainly love to see what you’ll make next.


That’s a great thing to do.

That sounds interesting. I’d be interested to follow your progress. Post some of it here won’t you. If not, have you got a blog for it.

Wishing you the best for new days ahead

I wondered what happened. It’s good you know the problem and have made a decision to fix it. Seems 2014 wasn’t necesarily a good year for robot building for a lot of us.
My poor old dad had a severe stroke end of April and spent 2 months in hospital. Apart for caring for him, I’ve had to shoulder full responsibility of running the business and I didn’t even log into LMR for about 6 months I think.
Here’s wishing everyone a great 2015 for robot building or for whatever pursuits you love.