RB-LYN-989 servomotor details

I wanted to use the RB-LYN 989 servomotor from Lynx motion. I wanted to know if there is any data on the motor’s lifetime, what is needed to control it, and if I can get a CAD drawing of the motor.

@Ansh Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Regarding the following Lynxmotion Smart Servo Motor:

I wanted to know if there is any data on the motor’s lifetime,

This is very hard to provide since the lifetime depends on the use. For example there is a lot more heat generated when the servo is stationary against a heavy load as compared to a light load. Similarly if the duty cycle of the motor is respected, or if the motor is operated for extended periods without “rest”. There is an estimated “lifespan” based on number of rotations for the DC motor, but in this context the number has no meaning / significance.

what is needed to control it,

If you operate it in serial mode, you need a device which can send 5V serial commands (separate lines for transmission and reception, or Tx and Rx), and also connect ground (GND) and a 12V power source. This can be from a microcontroller, USB to serial adapter or other means. Lynxmotion suggests the LSS Adapter and power supply or battery:

and if I can get a CAD drawing of the motor.

Certainly: https://wiki.lynxmotion.com/info/wiki/lynxmotion/download/servo-erector-set-system/ses-servos/ses-lynxmotion-smart-servo/WebHome/LSS-Public.zip

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Thank you very much.

I am looking for a durable high lifetime servomotor with a torque of around 0.3 Nm. Would you have any suggestions besides this one?

@Ansh In all my time here, I have yet to see an RC servo manufacturer provide anything regarding how long they expect their servos to last (for the many reasons above). Evidently opt for a reputable company which offers high quality and precision to minimize losses in efficiency (and heat) and wear and tear because of tolerancing issues.

Thank you for the reply. Are there any you would recommend that you find especially durable? in the 50-100$ range.

The ST1 (LYN-989) are likely your best bet actually (and it can be operated in RC servo mode). Your next best is a high torque, coreless, metal gear servo from Hitec:

Note that the ST1 has some built-in safety features which jump into action to try to save the servo if there’s too much torque, too little voltage etc.

Thank you very much.

I was curious if something similar to a servo block ( ServoBlock™ (Standard Size, 24 Tooth Spline, Hub-Shaft) - goBILDA ) is available for the RB-LYN 989 servo.

@Ansh Not quite, ServoCity is really the only manufacturer of those parts, and they are for specific servos. However the output shaft of the ST1 is supported by two ball bearings, and the case is aluminum. This was also previously available to help increase the load (3:1 gearing) and help with torque since the case was previously plastic):