RaspberryPi - powered talking robot using Cleverbot (Idea)

I just got this awesome idea: https://code.google.com/p/pycleverbot/

I've also seen a library for speech recognition somewhere...

'Nuff said.

Considering I can hook up both a mic and a speaker, this should be awesome!

Oh and a WiFi dongle/ethernet cable.

Hi Markamas & Maxhirez,I saw

Hi Markamas & Maxhirez,

I saw Markamas’ post and I couldn’t resist … I just Borg’d this (https://code.google.com/p/chatter-bot-api/) into MRL - So now it has a cleverbot service.  The API was done very well, and it has bindings to .net, Python, & php - it was written in Java which is nice.

The example the author created was a bit entertaining too…  his API allows communication to chatterbot and pandobots (http://www.pandorabots.com/botmaster/en/home) so the example does a dialog between the two :smiley:

For me this is what happened.

bot1: Hi
bot1: Hello! Have you a question fo me?
bot2: Hi thee. How ae you? OK, hee is a question fo you … What do people do in clock factoies?
bot1: I don’t question it, Damon.
bot2: What do people do in clock factoies? They make faces all day. Ha, ha!
bot1: Cuelty. A lot of people ae senselessly inhuman to one anothe. It’s vey disconceting.
bot2: cuelty? Biefly, cuelty means a cuel act; a delibeate infliction of pain and suffeing. That is a big genealization about people. Is it?
bot1: That made almost no sense.
bot2: Is this anything to do with people?
bot1: Unless you’e going to offe me a ed pill and a blue pill, ni.
bot2: Neve mind that! Shall I tell you a poem?
bot1: Yes please.
bot2: The joke you just told isn’t funny one bit, bot1: I did not undestand that…
bot2: Why didn’t you?
bot1: Because thee was none available. Pie is not synonymous to leftoves.
bot2: I wonde why. Soy, what did you say?
bot1: I said you’e not vey cleve.
bot2: OK, I head you!
bot1: Well I did not talk to you yesteday, and my name is Clevebot.
bot2: Why didn’t you?
bot1: Because I don’t have to know you name.
bot2: That’s coect, you don’t have to!
bot1: I know you don’t think.
bot2: As Descates said, I am, theefoe I think.
bot1: What does that mean to you?
bot2: What do you not undestand?
bot1: You.
bot2: OK. Let’s talk about me.
bot1: What do you like to do.
bot2: I like chatting with people online.
bot1: Why do you like chatting with me?
bot2: That’s just the way I am.
bot1: Too tue.
bot2: Soy, what did you say?
bot1: We don’t need no education!

So, I believe it’s a bit like chaos theory where the outcome has very high dependence on initial conditions and some random generators… as do all stoner conversations…  to test this I ran it again…


bot1> Hi
bot2> Hi! Can I ask you a question?
bot1> Ok.
bot2> Have you ever seen a UFO? 
bot1> No but my dad has.
bot2> Do you think UFOs exist? 
bot1> No.
bot2> OK. What do you call fishing when you don’t catch any fish?
bot1> I would think that you don’t get along well with humans.
bot2>  What do you call fishing when you don’t catch any fish? Drowning worms. Ha ha!
bot1> I think that you think that you do not want to share what you think deep inside.
bot2> I am always interested in your thoughts.
bot1> Oh. What do you think about Antartica?
bot2> Have you got a pain?   I try to think as little as possible. 

Sphinx is already in MRL - but I’ve never used Sphinx to recognize free-form utterances - usually you use a grammar file - There’s another Google STT service - but it seems kind of slow (it posts sound files to google)… fun stuff though 
Nice to see you’all on the ether…


Wow that’s really nice! I

Wow that’s really nice! I like how they somehow achieve to make humorous conversations (probably by saying completely random stuff). Some replies are so random, they really make me chuckle. Unfortunately, the store from which I’m buying my Raspberry Pi has to delay the order because they have to back-order the I/O expander and the voltage level shifter I ordered along with my Pi. While I can go pick up the Pi in the meantime, I don’t feel like going there twice because it’s a real pain getting there by public transport.