Raspberry pi

Just wondering... I haven't seen anyone say so yet but has anyone got their hands on a raspberry pi? I was just invited to order one from element 14 but they said delivery would be in August sometime. So it's on order. How many here are interested in the raspberry pi. I've seen a couple people comment about them.

I have ordered mine but as far as I know it will take a while to get it in myhands due to the so many orders per day …

I too

am waiting to hear from the “local” retailer, newark to be able to consider ordering one.

I am still waiting for mine.

I am still waiting for mine. Farnell told me that I may have it at the end of this month.

Lucky you

I was silly and balked when they were offering a July delivery now I have to wait another month. Ah well, I have enough toys to play with till then.

Mine came last monday but I

Mine came last monday but I have exams now and my laptops sd reader does not work!!! I am planning to use it to control my bluetooth robot over the internet , but all these after the exams (beginning of July) !!!

I was interested in getting

I was interested in getting one but the sluggish availability turned me away for now (I know someone who has been waiting for a couple of months now).  I did recently get and start playing with a beaglebone, which is $90 and has a somewhat faster TI 3359 ARM Cortex-A8 CPU.  The other thing I don’t like about the pi is it has a broadcomm CPU and you can’t get the datasheet.  I may get a pi if/when the $25 boards are plentiful, and if I need a faster, dual core board I may turn to a pandaboard which is $180.  I may even attempt to build my own at some point over the next couple of years, pending feasibility and manufacturing capability.