Raspberry Pi Lego car

Hello all,

I'm making my first robot using Raspberry Pi. My robot looks like a car with three wheels. Two of them are in front and have connection to motors, The third one is behind and it's no connection to motors.

I'm planning to use 2 simple motors (for each front wheel one). For now my robot weight 260g, and i have to add two motors and battery and i little of more constuction for holding motors and battery. I'm already found which type of motor should i use:

Motraxx MOTOR X-FLY 400 or Moteaxx MOTOR X-FLY 280.

First is stronger with 37.7 W. and second provide 13.8 W. Because I don't want to have very fast robot I've made some kind of transfer to power:



So...do you think X-FLY 280 will be enough or I shoud buy X-FLY 400. Remember left wheel will have motor and right wheel will have its own motor. So 2 motors on board.


Thank you for your opinion!

Have a nice day,


Image of my robot

new plan

Hi, thank you for your replay. I’ve made new torque system, Motor has to do 33 round for one round wheel. Do you think this will be enought ?