Raspberry Pi 4 + camera module v2

Is there any way to speed up frame rate when using a Pi 4 (4 and 8GB versions) and camera to stream to a URL?

I’ve tried MJPG Streamer which is straight forward and simple to use, but very choppy. I’ve also tried omxplayer, but that requires you to playback in VLC Media Player and it’s choppy as well.

Are there any other options?


Hi @bmoscato,

I haven’t used this myself but it might work for you:


Thanks, I saw this and had hope… but their end resolution was to utilize a USB camera instead of the Pi camera. I’m not opposed to this, I was just trying to figure out how to do it with all Pi stuff.

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What about this?

Don’t be discouraged by the title, you can also use the Raspberry Pi camera module.

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