R2D2 on a budget

This r2 is built with the mission of helping non-profit and charity organizations. So far, this droid has appeared at Adopt-a-pet, the local church fall festival for 2 years, and various events at the shopping mall. He also was built with the idea of being robust and affordable, kids can approach and touch, which can be a bit tough on him, but so far, no turnovers or major damage.

  Gear: two 100 watt scooter motors, chain drive on 12 volts, sabre speed controller. 4 lipoly  batteries in parallel for

16 ah. 6 channel r/c surface frequency.  Automotive audio amp wirh a bluetooth transmitter so i control sound from my

shirt pocket up to 10 meters. A drill with a wheel chucked in rubs inside the dome and spins it like crazy. (his only

defensive weapon)

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Wow, please more info about

Wow, please more info about his “guts” and how you built it. Great!!!


so realistic! if i were George Lucas, i would sign my autograph on that! welcome to LMR!

R2 rocks!

Well done. It seems R2D2 is gaining ground in this community. Do you have pictures of the building progress? 

Wow, this is really amazing.
Wow, this is really amazing. R2D2 in the most realistic fashion. I bet the kids and all the Star Wars fans absolutely love it. I am sure you will make a lot of people happy if you posted how you did it.


An R2D2 replica has many kids looking for at church festivals and other events so I hope that they can see it more often and that they will catch the Star Wars fever as well.

His rusty innards…

details around the dome, like the “holo projector” are bondo. I cast some bottle parts in plaster to make a mold, coated it with petroleum jelly and sanded it to shape. Bondo i great for that, and strong enough to drill and screw into. The big center scanner eye is a glass lens, I used to be a copier repair tech, so i came across lots of cool stuff on it’s way to the dumpster. The blue squarish scanner eye frame is also bondo.

**right foot, aluminium 90’s scooter wheels, #25 chain **


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For the world is hollow…

a few

Never intended on doing a step by step, so there are only a few shots. I wasn’t sure it would even come together this well.

I have a family curse, we like to start projects…


Looks like a fun site and good people too!