R/C lawnmower/relay- Kill switch using transmitter Aux channel switch

In a previous post (R/C lawnmower/ sabertooth 2x32 - Kill switch using transmitter switch) I asked about kill switch ideas for my remote control lawnmower project. From the replies I received, for the sabertooth motor controller I implemented a loss of signal failsafe shutdown, but for the gas mower engine I am relying on a manual SPST switch to ground the primary of the engine’s magneto coil.

The manual SPST switch works great if you can reach it, but I also wanted to implement a remote kill using one of the Flysky Transmitter/Receiver Aux channels. To accomplish this I ordered a couple of Dual Channel relay boards and (optional) 12V/5V buck converters to wire up with a FlySky FS-IA6 receiver channel mapped to an Aux Switch on my Flysky FSS-i6X Transmitter/Controller.

The FlySky receiver uses a 3-pin header (Signal, +5V, Ground) but I’m not sure what the signal characteristics are in terms of voltage, continuity, etc:

I also do not have a complete data sheet on the relay, except for what is shown in the eBay listing description:

I am hoping to use one of the R/C Aux channels and one of the relay’s channels to put a kill switch in parallel with my SPST switch so that either SPST or R/C can kill the gas engine. Here is a picture of the installed components, including the separate 5.8ghz FPV video camera.

Can anyone help with the receiver-relay wiring or R/C receiver signal defs?


Hello BGood!

Regarding the receiver signals, the order is: Signal, V+, GND.

And if you are interested about the characteristics this information might help:

The pictures of the relay you linked say that it is compatible with Raspberry Pi and Arduino, not with RC pulses.

For your application, you’ll need an RC switch/relay. An RC switch measures the width of incoming RC pulses and compares them to a threshold to decide whether to activate the switch. Here’s one that might work for you:

I hope that helps