Questions on pin layout for MOSFETS 8-Layer Stackable HAT for Raspberry Pi

I downloaded the PDF for this hat. It says to connect pin 1 to the load and pin 2 to the source, but there are three pins for each channel, and two of them share the same name (IGND, CH1, IGND). Which one is pin 1, 2, and 3? Is one a ground while the other is a (-)? Does it matter?

New to electronics, so please forgive my lack of prior experience. ^_^’
Thank you!

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Hi @Stickboyhowell and welcome to the forum.

You are right. These schematics are really confusing.

But I think the IGND pins should be 1, and number 2 should be CH pin.

Thank you for the welcome! I’m currently trying to find any additional documentation to clear it up. : )

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Maybe try contacting them on [email protected] to clarify this topic.

I have sent out an email to them requesting clarification. In the meantime, here is a similar layout video I found on one of their other boards.

Another three pin system that uses only two pins. :slight_smile:

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Got a response from their support. Seems either IGND is serviceable. Doesn’t matter which one goes to the supply.

They were very helpful in their response:
“We use the same connectors on all the boards, the two grounds are identical.
The middle goes to the load. Positive side of the power supply.”

Thank you both for your help figuring this out! :smiley:

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That’s great! You are welcome :slight_smile: