Questions on Lynxmotion tracks for my senior robotics project

looking at Lynxmotion Track - 2" Wide x 21 Links ~23" - TRK-01

Our robot will only can weigh 6 pounds in total, I will only have a contact area for each track of about 16cm , about 20inch tack on each side in total. This would be used for a sumo bot and trying to figure out at this weight if the robot will slide much as the robot ring is smooth. And it really needs to not slip at all if possible. Just unsure how sticky/soft the rubber is on these tracks.

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Regarding: Lynxmotion Track - 2" Wide x 21 Links ~23" - TRK-01 - RobotShop

Q1) Is the price per link or per 21 links

A1) 21 links for that kit. We offer another one with 52 links:

These numbers seem weird, but actually correspond to the following kits:

Q2) hubs for a 10mm shaft for the lynx motion track sprockets

A2) 10mm is quite large, so you’d need to use the MTS sprockets, ex:

The following two 10mm hubs should be compatible with the mounting pattern:

Q3) how long do fourm questions normally take to get answered ?

A3) Normally <24 hours, though some questions are quite a bit more complex, or may be left unanswered if they are beyond the scope of our internal support. These are left to the community to decide if they want to provide reponses.

Q4) Rubber

A4) The rubber on the track is a bit harder than what you’d find on a shoe / sneaker. It’s “45 Shore A” if you want an actual measurement. The pattern is intended to provide added grip. In terms of use on a sumo bot, they should provide quite a bit more friction than wheels simply because of their surface area.

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ok couple more things , how heavy is a 23 link chunk , and is there 3d models so we can work on getting tolerances as close as possible

3D model: Lynxmotion - SES 3D Models
Our system shows each link as just under 1.2 pounds per square foot.

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