Questions about my Arduino Motor Controller

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hi guys I have bought an Arduino and the Arduino Motor Shield from adafruit. The tutorial on Ladyada says that I can power a motor which has a capacity up to 36V. So i programmed my arduino to run a motor on M2 and then when I check the voltage supply over there its just 3.17 V. So how do I power a 5V motor. Also the amperage on the pin is only 0.49A whereas Ladyada says that I can power a motor upto 0.6A and 1.2A peak.Is everything correct with my shield. I have also read that I can power it from an external supply-How do I do that? How will it help me?

Thanks in advance.

Adafruit Motor Shield

First verify that the motor shield is working properly. It isn’t uncommon to cook a leg of one of the chips while soldering.

Use a separate power supply for the Arduino and the motor shield. Connect the power for the motors to the aux power screw terminals on the mshield. The LED should light up on the shield. Connect a motor to one of the 4 outputs and then run the Adafruit motor example, adjusting for the motor tap you are using (1 - 4). Test all 4 of the motor taps by moving your dc motor and adjusting the declaration in the sketch. If some work and some don’t, only runs in one direction, or something along those lines, you may have a bad chip, probably a 293.

Also keep in mind that the 293 chips are partial to 5v for their operation (they will pass much more on the motor pins) and giving them more than that can damage or blow the chip.


What is the maximum power

What is the maximum power that I can give to my motor shield