Question regarding Induction coils powering micro LED lights

I have been exploring the use of the 24v induction coils that power the mini LED lights. This seems like a potentially ideal solution to certain lighting situations for models, crystallized rocks etc, where you want to provide illumination without wires or other distraction. However I haven’t any experience using induction coils lights.

The primary issue I see with using the induction lighting is the very limited range they provide for powering the mini LED’s.

My question is to those familiar with the principle behind the tech: I am wondering whether these coils can have their ranges effectively “amplified” by stacking them (i.e. 2-3 individually powered coils literally on top of each other either in immediate or very close proximity). This is the only solution I can see that would keep the coils out of view below the stand, while potentially increasing the range to power the little LED lights in the items above the stand.

Does an induction field amplify this way? Or does the drop-off remain the same?

If anyone has any experience or knowledge with this technology I would greatly appreciate some input or conversation on it. Thanks

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Here is an example of the coil on
Large Inductive Coil and 10 Wireless LED Kit - 24V - RobotShop

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HI @FindingBeaches and welcome to our forum.

I did a quick google search regarding your question but actually I couldn’t find the answer easily :slight_smile: Perhaps this usage has no effect?

I see some other situations where the coils are not stacked directly but they are close enough to increase the charging surface.

Here are some links: