Finally got around to starting the write up for my quadcopter :)

bought most of the parts from hobbyking:
the frame:


The motors:



The ESC's:



Camera tx/rx:







Decided to make my own electronics. A small 4 layer board for the quadcopter, with accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, GPS, pwm drivers etc. I also made a board with a small LCD touchscreen attached for use in the controller. This also has GPS, accelerometer, and compass.

The Quadcopter uses the same ARM chips I have used before,




The quadcopter has dual front cameras, I was vaugely thinking to make a program to use the oculus rift for 3D fpv, but i'm not sure I will ever get around to it :) I was also thinking I could include the head tracking feature of the rift to move the cameras :)


The controller:

  • Actuators / output devices: 4 x brushless motors
  • Control method: XBee
  • CPU: STM3240
  • Power source: 4S 5000MaH LiPo
  • Programming language: C++
  • Sensors / input devices: GPS, compass, accelerometer, Handheld Controller, gyroscope, cameras
  • Target environment: outdoor

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Interesting project, cool to see you made a zigbee controller for it.  I’m curious if you’re going to run something like FreeRTOS on the STM32 (I’m assuming STM3420 is a typo).

Hope to find out more about it :slight_smile:

Some things I hope to see (in case you’re interested):

  • current state of the project
  • software architecture and code (ideally via online repository)
  • what tools/IDE you’re using for development (I’v mostly used CooCox w/ an STlink-v2 for JTAG)
  • and of course a video of it tearing around


Cool, I wasn’t able to dig

Cool, I wasn’t able to dig up much on bIDE but I recomment getting an STlink JTAG debugger for $25 (at least thats what they used to cost) and getting up and running with hardware debugging, its bliss to have once you’re debugging a large project.