Pwmout newbie questions

Why is this code not registering on my multimeter?

#picaxe 28x1

pwmout 2 , 62, 250 ' 100% @ 16 Khz
pause 2000

pwmout 2 , 62, 25 ' 10% @ 16 Khz
pause 2000
goto main

I measure DC over GND and digital output pin #2. And it keeps reading 0 V. Is the pwm too fast for my meter? Should I put a cap in/accross?

batteries are flat

i dont have any decent input for this, jsut making my presence known.



sumpin aint right…

I check PWM with a measure thingie all the time, it works -no cap, not too fast. I think it is the pause – try the same PWM commad but do it in a for/next loop just to check.

Also -I have had a lot better luck with Pwmout 2,62,0 at the start, and pwmduty 2,XXXX later on when I want to change speed.

I do think it is the pause giving you problems, though

Yup, you are doing something wrong…
I just did a test with my measure thingie --I’m getting a varying voltage.

I am mixing up pins and legs

Just read TFM. About pegs and pins on my chip and my project board.

When I tell the picaxe to

high 2

it is not poking in the same direction as when I tell it to

pwmout 2, 62, 250


The number (2) is the same, but has very different meaning. Told you I’m a newbie…

Oh and I found the right pin. My Thingey scanner had not found it, because it is at the INPUT side of the chip 8-(

Thanks for your help though! You sure ruled out some scenarios!

it’s comming out of portc 2!! --Easy thing to miss