PWM on High Current(amp) Actuators

I'm trying to move up into the category I originally got into robotics for in the first place: bigger buddies!

I have a Raspberry Pi I'd like to use to control some linear actuators, which are 12v and lift about 225lbs. I'm unaware of their amp usage: a search for similar rated ones said ~4-5A. They were purchased from an online auto parts place, so it's unlikely they'd know.

Now, I also have an Arduino Uno I've used to interface with for motors, but it also can't output over half an amp on a pin. I also have a L293D motor controller I can wire to the Pi, but that's limited to .6A output per channel, IIRC.

Lastly, I could use the obvious and typically used relays to control it, which I may do for starters... but I really would like to have PWM available to work with on this. I want to be able make a slider that controls the speed of the motor when it's being used.

Perhaps, would I be able to use one of those slider switches used in certain lighting systems to control the power going to them? I would be willing to use them rather than on a touchscreen display if it's likely that would work, though I might prefer having it available on screen for remote control.

Thanks for your time, opinions, and feedback! 

high current pwm

sparkmaster  the IRF540 MOSFET will do the job nicely. Can handle up to 28 amps and can be driven directly with a pwm pin.

Thanks, that’s awesome to

Thanks, that’s awesome to know, I’ll look into it!
Could using the dimmer switched also be used to reduce speed of the motor working, without a heavy drop on actual power (I presume amps?)?